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Twine is about breaking the ice with interesting strangers.
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Meet Your Match

Twine connects you with singles in your area that share similar interests with you, and suggests interesting topics that will help you get to know the other person better. 

Be Safe

Twine matches you with interesting people around you while ensuring that your identity is always protected and never exchanged with anyone on the network until you're ready to reveal. With twine, you can feel free to be yourself.

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Flirt First, Reveal Later

Twine is different because you remain anonymous while you chat and get to know the other person. If you become interested, you can choose to reveal your identity and make a connection.


Break the Ice

Twine helps you kickstart the conversation. With our patent-pending ICE Breaker, twine will suggest topics that will help you get to know the other person better.


Quality Over Quantity

Curated connections. Everyday. Just for you.


Frequently Asked Questions About The App
What is twine?
Twine matches you with the most interesting people around you. It empowers you to flirt first and engage in conversation before you decide to reveal yourself. We always pick the highest quality matches based on our intelligent matching algorithm and deliver the right connections to you. We even provide you with some ice breakers to get the conversation started based on your mutual interests!
Which versions of iOS does twine support?
Twine supports iOS 6 and above.
Which versions of Android does twine support?
Twine supports Ice Cream Sandwich and Jellybean.
How can I contact you?
If you ever have any questions, concerns or just want to chat, please feel free to e-mail us at:
Is twine free?
Yes! The basic and most important features of twine will always be free. In the future, we may release some premium features that will enhance the basic twine experience.
In the twine video, how do I access the feature that appears in the last scene when they bump phones?
This is a secret feature that we have not released yet!
I’ve updated my Facebook profile, can it be reflected to my twine profile?
Yes! Click the “Profile Update” button and we’ll automatically pull the new information from your Facebook.
I have additional interests not listed on my Facebook, can I add them?
Of course! If you go to the “My Profile” section, you can add as many interests as you’d like within the “My Interests” section.
Frequently Asked Questions About Security
Does twine protect my privacy?
Absolutely. We never post anything on your Facebook without your permission. We never release your identity until you’re ready.
Are all my photos blurred?
All of your photos, on your profile and within the chat interface, remained completely blurred UNTIL you are ready to reveal.
What’s sent in a reveal request?
When you send a reveal request, all that is initially sent is a message to your connection saying “Congratulations! Your connection wants to reveal with you”. No personal information, including photos or name, will be sent before you BOTH accept the reveal request.
Once I reveal, am I still anonymous?
Once you are revealed, your photos and your name are shown to your twine. With your photos and name revealed, just like any other social network, there's the possibility of your identity being traced.
I feel uncomfortable with/don’t like my twine, what do I do?
No worries! Simply click “!” symbol within the chat view and click “Block” and you’ll never hear from your twine again. You can also remove the chat by swiping to the left in the MY TWINES screen.
What is revealed when I click “Reveal Yourself”?
The only two items that are revealed when you and your twine click reveal are your profile photos and names.
Why is twine asking for permissions?
This is the Facebook API making sure that they can access your information so you can use twine.
Frequently Asked Questions About Chatting
What is the ICE tool?
The ICE tool stands for Intelligent Conversation Enhancer and it uses your match’s interests to form questions that are perfectly suited for your conversation. These interests are taken from both your twine’s Facebook and from their added interests from within twine.
Frequently Asked Questions About Matching
What do other users see when we twine?
Once you are connected with someone on twine, they’ll see a blurred photo of you, a list of your mutual interests and then a longer list of all of your various interests.
What does the lock mean on my twines?
Before you and your twine have revealed to each other, a lock will appear over their profile image to indicate that you have yet to reveal.
Will I be connected with people I know?
Never! We make sure you’re not connected with people that you are directly connected with. No worries about being connected with close friends or family. You’ll be connected with someone new!
Will I always be matched with someone I am looking to connect with?
Twine will only connect you with the gender(s) you’re most interested in talking to. That goes for all orientations. You can choose who you’re matched with, “Men”, “Women” or, “Either”. If we can’t find the perfect local match for you, we’ll connect with someone whose interesting but a little further away.
Is there a limit to the number of people I can connect to?
Yes. In order to encourage meaningful conversations and to stop spam, we allow only 3 twines per day. However, if you’re having a great conversation with your current twines, we’ll give you an extra courtesy twine! In addition, you can only receive 3 INCOMING twines per day. This makes sure you don’t feel pestered.
Frequently Asked Questions About Version
Twine Update 1.0.4
• Improved notification experience. • Issues related to chat messages are fixed. • Revamped user experience of My Twines list. • Unified Remove and Block feature: now you can permanently block undesired matches on My Twines screen. • Significantly improved Queue experience. • Improved security features. • Bug fixes, stability and performance improvements.